Why doesn't Checkify offer feature X or feature Y?

We want to keep Checkify affordable for everyone around the world. There are so many uptime checkers around the world that offer far more features then we do. But they are more expensive and much more complex to use.

How often do you check my urls?

We'll check your url every couple of minutes. This usually happens between every 1 to 3 minutes, but never longer than 5 minutes. This is to keep the load down on our servers and keep Checkify affordable.

Checkify says my url is down, but I can still visit it. What's wrong?

We always double check your url, but sometimes one of the internet routes to your url is not working properly. We'll always notify you when we see a problem. Just to be safe.

It could also be that it takes the bot longer than 30 seconds to get a response from your url, it is possible that your url is still reachable but performing extremely slowly. This usually indicates a problem, so we'll also notify you.

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